Lotta Halinen


Dance & Choreography
Lotta Halinen & Andrea Gunnlaugsdottir
Wolfwetz (Peter Weiseberg)
Miikka Rekola

Two bodies are set against a minimal landscape. They look upon it not only through their eyes, but through their bodies. They move within certain restrictions almost as if their bodies are stuck in one dimension, between the walls. They do not turn around, never revealing their faces or their front sides.
In this process we reflect our identities and the sense of our bodies within a complex social system where walls are being torn down and put up at the same time.
We are interested in the effects of our privacy and identities in the larger context, in times of fast technical developments that involve e.g. online personal profiling, the use of facial recognition softwares, contracts about our privacy and constant exposure to body objectification.

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